Six Days in Sydney, Australia

Forty days into my random round the world trip, I landed in Sydney with a backpack and an address. One train ride and a ten-minute walk later, I was reunited with Callie outside her house in Concord West. One quick and much needed shower, a head-first heart to heart and chai tea, then into the city. We took the train to town hall and stopped for coffee at Arc Café in Darling Harbor. We had sushi downtown, strolled along the Sydney opera house, took some night shots and spent a while wandering George Street before an evening yoga class at Lululemon.

Sometime in the span of six days, we abandoned the urban side of Sydney for three hours driving and five hours hiking in the Blue mountains. A little something about drop bears, the (inevitable) zombie apocalypse and conspiracy theories with Rhys after three hours of sleep the night before made for a memorable walkabout. The guy is wicked smart, and Callie is a firework. Beautiful and brilliant in every way. Put simply, two of my favorite people on planet Earth. We dressed up in summer attire despite the winter weather and drove to Sydney Olympic Park for some amateur snapshots, chai lattes and a Chadwick Friday tradition.

I took the train downtown to the wrong station, where I planned to meet up with a friend from Naples, Italy. Funny how the world spins round. A few interesting switchbacks and road crossings landed me in the passenger side of a Land Cruiser where I discovered Napoli driving is still alive and well. A strange mix of English, Italian and Spanish was thrown about before I found my way back to the town hall, just in time to miss the midnight train.