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Machu Picchu, Peru

Our guide Americo pointed into the white abyss and said, “familia...there, through the fog, is Huayna Picchu and the best view of Machu Picchu." We squinted, each of us, willing our eyes to see beyond the white wall of cloud. We had hiked fifty miles, for four days, and the thing we had come to see was invisible. 

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Cusco, Peru

Buried beneath alpaca and sipping hot coca tea, we contemplated the climb through the city's dimly lit passageways for a few high vantage night shots. A relentless route of ascending stone steps, high into thin mountain air, away from the steady hum of Plaza de Armas.

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City in the Clouds, Cusco, Peru

My lungs were sort of on the verge of explosion, staging protest with each step. We were climbing stairs to San Blas, 15lb packs on our backs. It was day one, and despite the good advice given by everyone we had met thus far, we weren’t lying low. One twenty-two hour bus ride through winding mountain roads landed us in Cusco, a Peruvian town perched two miles high in the Andean sky.

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La Boca, Buenos Aires

The next morning, I was the first to wake. Sleeping with six other girls in a room the size of a closet is an experience all on its own. The floor space and bed-tops are in a constant state of chaos, piled high with clothing, backpacks, souvenirs, and complete sets of fly-fishing gear. I tiptoed through our floor collection of plastic bags and clothing piles to the button-sized bathroom. 

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