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Standing Still, South Island

The next morning, I woke up to a winter wonderland. Packed with snacks, I made the drive to Mount Cook to hike Kea Point and Hooker Lake. I crossed rope bridges over rivers of glacier water and scrambled in my low-top converse chucks over snow-capped boulders. An hour down the trail, I was completely alone.

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When it Rains, it Pours

I love to travel alone. I love the open road and it’s complete and utter lack of expectation. I love that I can sing out loud; sugar binge and skip showers; roll windows down; drive fast or drive slow. I can stop just to stare, count clouds, write a while; or find some café and talk with a stranger for hours. It’s hard to find people you can do all those things with on the road, but if you do find them, don’t ever let them go.

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Destination Unknown, New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand. You’re free. To spend freely. To selfishly hope the world conveniently comes to an end in some catastrophic event as your bank account flat-lines. Day one in the place I have always dreamed of. No itinerary, no partner in crime; just my backpack and an onward ticket to Sydney, Australia.

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Hawaii Times

After a four year hiatus, I'm finally back in the place I'll always call home. Home is a funny concept, and by all rights, I have no right to call Hawaii home. I lived here for just four years while attending university, but it is the one place I have the most and best memories.

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