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I've packed up my life and moved on 32 occasions, and changed my mailing address, officially, 33 times. I've traveled to 36 countries, and I've lived in 5. No, Iā€™m not a military brat. Just a restless transplant. I was born in Arkansas, grew up in Wisconsin, and then decided to leave the Midwest and everything I knew for Hawaii. I sold all but four boxes of my belongings and flew to Oahu alone, where I didn't know anyone. It felt like home.

Over the next four years, I worked my way through college and graduated with a degree in Business and Spanish from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I began building a career with Abercrombie & Fitch by managing stores throughout Hawaii, California, Colorado, Kentucky and Ohio. At 25, I was promoted to Europe and relocated to Milan & then London to learn Italian and train as an International General Manager.  Then, after 13 wild months of full immersion in Campania, South Italy (after which I still and forever will drive like an Italian), I decided to leave my corporate position to pursue photography and long-term travel.

My passion is and always has been travel and the outdoors. The moment I was free of a corporate contract, I took stock of my savings and decided I would make it stretch. I shipped my few belongings to a storage unit, and traded my apartment in South Italy for a backpack and nowhere to call home.

The only thing I wanted was the open road..
 The Places I've Been

The Places I've Been

For 11 months, I traveled through 5 continents and 19 countries. I traveled alone, and met up with friends along the way, some old and some new. I went snowboarding in New Zealand, bungee jumping in Costa Rica, clubbing in Dubai, brunching in Bahrain, camping in Oman and sand surfing in Jordan. 

I nearly died of food poisoning in Thailand, got lost in Sri Lanka, misplaced my wallet in Australia and just barely escaped interrogation in Israel. I stayed in 21 hostels, 15 hotels, 14 homes, 2 tents, and 1 treehouse. It was 11 months of absolute freedom and reckless travel. And after that, I just couldn't go back.

I knew that whatever came next, needed to involve the outdoors, and time for travel. Three years ago, I moved to California and fell head over heels for Big Sur. While living on the west coast I immersed myself in wild places; trekking for 24 days along the John Muir Trail and road tripping for weeks at a time through the national parks.  I discovered that for me, few things in life compare to a night spent beneath the stars; surrounded by mountain peaks, trees and good people.

For the past three years, I've been fortunate to work as a full-time creative while based in California, Egypt & Washington. A few months ago, I decided once again to chase after my dream of living on the road. I'm currently traveling and creating full-time; seeking out wild spaces in my built-out 4x4 or boarding planes to far off places. 

Maybe one day I'll see you out on that open road. 

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